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capital raisings
We assist clients across multiple industries in raising capital by way of equity and debt. Depending on an organisation's corporate lifecycle, we advise our clients on the most appropriate avenue to raise capital without compromising on shareholder value. Over the years, we have helped companies at various stages of their businesses, raise capital through government grants, bank borrowings, private equity, venture capital funds and initial public offerings.

Our strengths lie in our understanding of investor attitudes and in our network of contacts in the investment community. Our service areas fall into the following broad categories:
Review and restructure - Review and identify an organisation's competitive strengths; advise on the development of a company's business strategy and future plans; restructure an organisation's business to enhance shareholder value
Financial analysis - Analyse and recommend an appropriate funding structure based on the cashflow requirements and optimising the company's capital structure
Deal marketing - Advise on the preparation of business plans and financial models; promote and market the company to select groups of strategic or financial investors